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3 Point Vision helps make the Indiana Fever Better

3 Point Vision with Coach Pokey Chatman and the Indiana Fever

Every year individual WNBA teams reach out to a known basketball network in their prospective city's. This network consist of current and former men's college and pro athletes to help develop the professional women's team. This year the Indiana Fever reached out to 3 Point Vision, in search of elite talent to help them during the 2018 WNBA season. 3 Point Vision is a basketball training company based in Indianapolis Indiana, where they not only develop superior talent but also mentor individuals in a positive way. It was founded in 2017 by Dakota Tucker, the Head Trainer/CEO of 3 Point Vision. 3 Point Vision is very active with content posted on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Along with basketball training 3PTV also provides quality open runs for players looking to stay on top of their game, where the highlights are filmed and posted to our social media. This caught the eye of Indiana Fever Player Development Coach Tully Bevilaqua ,and thus created a continuing relationship with 3 Point Vision. 3PTV provide's them with talented men players to constantly push them in practice, to help them improve at the professional level. Through intense defense/offense on drills and full fledged scrimmages that are highly competitive,

3 Point Vision hopes to uplift the Indiana Fever to another WNBA championship.

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